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Mr. E's Muscle Mass Formula is great for young athletes looking to increase lean muscle, stamina, endurance, and performance. This product is excellent for older athletes because it will have you performing like a younger you due to its ability to increase testosterone.

Mr. E's Muscle Mass Formula isn't just for athletes. People on all fitness levels can enjoy the benefits and become bigger and stronger individuals.

Mr. E's Muscle Mass Formula isn't only for bodybuilders! This formula will benefit all sports and activities From Aerobics - Zumba!

In addition to all of the benefits offered by the Muscle Mass Formula, every user will get an ample amount of naturally occurring: vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The Muscle Mass Formula pairs well with The Energizer  Formula. A natural pre-workout that will provide a lasting boost of energy and endurance. Another great formula that everybody, living an active lifestyle,  should have is The Adaptogen. The Adaptogen is great at decreasing and preventing mental and physical stress and fatigue while increasing mental and physical performance and longevity!

Key Benefits:

  • Increase Testosterone
  • Increases Muscle Mass
  • Increases Muscle Strength
  • Improve Aerobic Capacity
  • Increase Muscle Size
  • Increase Stamina and Endurance
  • Increase Output
  • Enhance Performance

Key Ingredients:


Ingredients: Bala Root, Dashmula, Cistanche, Velvet Bean, Pine Pollen, Ashwagandha Root, Eleuthero, Rhodiola Rosea, Saw Palmetto, Cordroyceps, Camellia Sinensis Pollen, Tribulus Fruit, Shilajit, Sarsaparilla, Stinging Nettle, Maral Root

60 1100mg Vegan Capsules

Take 3-6, before your workout routine, with plenty of water. For optimal results, a balanced diet and moderate exercise are recommended.

*Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, or on medication consult a physician before you take any supplement.

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